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Gemini is very outspoken they have no problem at all at convincing people in any matters.
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Gemini gives you multiple personalities in bed which makes them one of the freakiest signs.
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Gemini conflicting decisions
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Gemini conflicting decisions

Gemini never looks at incompatibility as other signs do, they are capable of making any friendship or relationship work.
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Gemini’s are into tattoo’s.
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Anonymous said: Im Gemini whose on on the 31st of may can u tell me my traits n personality


Sorry, but for this, I will have to ask you to send the request again, with a birth year as well. I guess I’ll have to specify on the page asdfghjkl.

But I’ll give you the personality traits for Gemini, for now~ ^^

Gemini is a Mutable Air sign, meaning they are flowy, free, and are resistant to being tied down. They are true social butterflies and great at communication. They are also highly flexible and restless for change. In fact; the most comment thing a Gemini complains about is being bored all the time. Even if they have a huge project they can complain about being bored of it.

The Twins represent Gemini, so they are constantly changing their opinions of things; which others may interpret as being ‘two-faced’. This is not the case! They can see almost all subjects from every perspective and angle, which causes them to have one opinion about a certain subject after seeing one side. But, after seeing other perspectives of the same subject, they may be inclined to changing their opinion simply because they have more information.

Perhaps the most overlooked thing about a typical Gemini is their intelligence and love for knowledge. It is true that they’d rather go out and have a fun night on the town than stay in and study for a test, but they really enjoy both. They may seem superficial, especially women of this sign (men tend to be more studious than party animals), but they would MUCH rather talk about the latest current event than what reality stars are doing. They love spreading knowledge and, if started on a subject, they can go for hours; even if you have nothing to say! They best thing to do is to let them talk, and perhaps you will know a thing or two, as well, and they will be more than happy to let you talk— for a moment. They love it when people know more about a certain subject than they do; as it is a chance to learn more and talk with people.

They can be difficult lovers, however, as they prefer to be in large groups so they can flutter along person to person, and dislike the stress of one-on-one gatherings. Basically; if a Gemini has plans for a Friday night with their significant other, and a slot with some friends opens up at the same time; they will invite their partner along so they can have both. If their partner says no, they may be inclined to cancel the original date. This tends to annoy most people, so Gemini should learn to be careful about their partner’s feelings; they may end up hurting them!

As an Air sign, Gemini tends to be ‘emotionless’, or seemingly so. The fact of this matter is; they would rather put on a smile and suffer through it themselves than burden others with their problems. They are true optimists; so they know that they will get out of their rut eventually. And; even if they are hurting terribly on the inside; they still have a desire to make others smile, in hopes that their mood will rub off.

A Gemini may be seen as random or weird. And it may be true! They tend to take interest in ‘odd’ things, and with their desire for knowledge, they end up knowing almost everything about it! Their thoughts race, and so does their speech. Keeping up with a Gemini may be a large task, but once the routine has been set in; you have a very good friend that will always include you in social plans and share the latest news (or gossip; they can tend to be rumor spreaders) with you. A Gemini is a last friend; so long as you have the willpower to follow them around and keep up with their pace!

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